Online Baccarat - You Don't Have to Have "007 James Bond" Money to Play

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is famous for being the game which James Bond 007 chooses to play over any other casino game. It has a reputation for being kept apart from the normal casino floor and high stakes baccarat salons have been the bread, butter and jam of land casinos for a very long time, although this is all changing now. High stakes gamblers with reputations for dropping millions of bucks at a time; generally do this at the baccarat tables. Online baccarat is a completely different story, however, in fact most casino table games, generally associated with high stakes can be played by low-rollers online.

If you had 10p and you wanted a few rounds on the baccarat table, would you play this game? I would, I am not by any means a gambler, but low stakes games are great fun, and they enable the player to learn all about the bets. There is very little risk involved and even though you don't win big, at least it is still tons of fun.

Baccarat is a terribly simple game to learn to play, a hand is over in a flash and there are not many rules to playing. There are also only three wagers in this game, so as high-falootin as we have all been led to believe baccarat is, it is a game that any idiot can play. While not every player can get a handle on poker, they would have to be a real fool to be unable to grasp the concept of baccarat. So the next time one of your posh friends asks you what you did last Saturday night, you can tell them you learned to play baccarat. The beauty of playing online baccarat is that as well as low stakes games, there are also free games and even casino games schools. The gambling world is your oyster with tools such as this at your fingertips.

Baccarat is also called Punto Banco as well as Chemin De Fer which is the Fench version. These are only two variations with some slight differences to the rules. The table is about the same size as a craps table with 12 to 14 players and every player wagering on the same hands of cards. The bets are either on the Banker or the Player and the third bet is on a tie. The odds for the house on a tie are ridiculous, and very rarely is this bet placed. In the land version of the game, there are three dealers, but in online baccarat an RNG is used. As long as the bank wins, the card shoe (6 or 8 decks) stays with the player, when the bank loses the shoe passes to the next player in line. There is a built in house advantage which is a 5% commission levied by the casino for wins on the Banker or Banco.

Nine is the perfect card score, and this is called a natural, two cards are dealt and depending on the value of the first two cards dealt a third card may be dealt too. The winner is the hand with the closest to 9 score and no double digits are counted in this game. Face cards and 10's have no value, aces are 1 and the balances of number cards are their own value.

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