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One of the most popularly played table games in a land casino, online blackjack is also a very popular game. It is simple to play, easy to learn to play and with a bit of skill, a little winning goes a very long way. This game is believed to have been invented in France in the 1700's and was known as vingt-et-un, which in French simply means "21". The name of "blackjack" came about as the best hand to hold for the largest payout was an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Spades. The card count on this hand is also obviously 21!

The aim of the game when it is played in a casino or online is not mistakenly to get the card count 21, although this is certainly a goal – the aim of the game is to beat the dealer. Players should always remember this! Most black jack is played according to Las Vegas Strip rules and online there are many versions of this game. Simple games are often the most easy to adapt to various ways of play, so when you play online blackjack check out the rules of the game you are playing first, or you could make mistakes. Microgaming for example offers over 43 versions of the game.

One of the nice things about playing blackjack, is there is always a level of camaraderie between the players at the table. They all have the same goal - to beat the dealer; they are not playing against each other, as they are in poker, the basic game plays thus:

• The players' place bets, they are dealt two cards – generally face up, depending on the rules, the dealer receives one card, face up and another face down. He/she then asks the players if they would like a hit – an additional card, or if they wish to stand. During additional deals or hits, if the players' card count goes over 21 they bust. Face cards count as 10 and number cards their own numbers, Aces are 11 or 1. The dealer reveals their face-down card and is compelled to continue to take hits until they reach the card count of 16. Some rules require the dealer to stand on a soft or hard 17. The dealer will also bust if their card count goes over 21. The players closest to 21 win or the dealer wins; again depending on the slight tweaks which take place in the rules of this game.

In the UK and Australia, as well as other ex-pat British colonies Pontoon is also popularly played and this version of 21 is also found online. The rules differ only slightly, as does the terminology, but in this game if the player can make 21 in five cards, this is called a five card trick and is equal to the same as a blackjack. How the name vingt-et-un, became Pontoon for the Brits is a mystery to us, but then anything is possible with a slip twixt the tongue and the wrist or the cup and the lips.

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