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Because of the fact that so many games from land based casinos have been adapted for playing online, this has led to a whole new breed of game. Many of these games are hybrids of games already available while others are completely unique. However there is such a huge array of these games available that it is actually difficult to know where to start. Games which spring to mind in terms of hybrids are many of the scratch cards and slots games, then bingo of course; this game lends itself to virtually any type of hybridization.

I have seen bingo roulette, Joker Jackpot Bingo, and bingo blended with TV game show themes such as Price is Right and Deal or No Deal, but these are just a couple of examples of how this random number games can be made unique for online players.

Most of the best casino software design and development come out with at least two to four new games every month. They then license these and provide them to the casino operators who are on contract to them. They bring out news games which are also seasonal and Christmas, Easter and Haloween usually see a whole slew of new games coming out.

Speaking in terms of TV game shows, all the big and most popular shows are represented by at the very least a slots and scratchcard game. You will find Hole in the Wall, again Deal or No Deal and Price is right and Diamond Bonanza. Then developers take this one step further and create a slot or scratchie based on popular board games; Monopoly and Cluedo to name two. But what about reality TV shows? One of the most popular of these in the UK is X Factor and this season we saw a new slots and scratch card game launched. The same applies to Big Brother, I wonder if they have thought of doing a "Biggest Loser?" I don’t think this would be very apt for an online casino do you?

Whether or not these games are being released into land based casinos is a moot point. Online gambling is a very aggressive industry, in that fads and trends change fast, so developers have to respond to this market fast and be the first.

You can be pretty certain that the new game of Bejeweled Slots you are playing online has not been released yet in land based casinos. And this game is also a hybrid, Bejeweled was and still is a very popular arcade or skill (I am not quite sure) game, which is now available in a slots format with a unique cascade feature which allows the player to win even more. The list just goes on and on, but the best way to enjoy these games is not actually by reading about them, you have to play and get the real deal, first hand!

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