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Online gambling fanatics in the UK are ok, they can do more or less what they like, play at any site as long as it conforms to EU and UK standards. US players unfortunately don't enjoy the same freedoms, but we are not going to go into that now. The UK online gambling audience is a sophisticated audience; they know what they like and in the most part also know what they are entitled to when they play online games. Admittedly poker is hugely popular, but so is playing online bingo and slots, and boy what slots we have got?!

An online casino offers different games to poker and bingo rooms, although in some cases bingo sites get away with offering some of the same games as those at casinos. This is going to become more frequent now and we will also see poker rooms online offering similar mini versions of games and slots. Both Playtech and Microgaming have developed platforms which work independently on a shared server principle and will allow games which normally only functional on a casino platform, to play in concert with bingo, poker, sports betting and mobile software technology. So each of these individual types of games sites will be able to cross promote the other. It is only a matter of time before the other software companies come up with their own versions of Microgamings' Quickfire and Cryptologics' Instant Click.

The majority of games at these sites follow the trends of what has been normally available at land casinos in the past and those players all over the world are familiar with. They include roulette, video poker, craps, casino war, pontoon, blackjack, keno, baccarat, pai gow, video poker, slots, scratch cards, pull tabs, poker although this is not exactly a casino game, it is often played in casinos. There are even live dealer games! Of course the online industry is now leading the way in terms of game development and online gamblers often get the new games before a land casino even sees them.

The rollout for new games is so aggressive in the UK, because the industry is so well developed and many online casino games are only found online. For example you would probably not find pachinko in a Scottish land casino, but you would find it in a Japanese setting, but a Scottish player could find it online. Many sites, in particular bingo sites in the UK have even developed their own brand of hybrid games, where roulette and bingo are married and playing cards and bingo are also regularly used together rather than bingo balls. The internet is like that, it allows things to change, grow and recreate themselves.

Playing online casino games in the UK is an absolute joy because of the freedom the British public has to enjoy these, and of course winning also doesn't hurt. We see life changing amounts of money being won, and if anyone is interested there is over 150 ways to gamble at UK Casino Club and it is a prime example of a UK online casino.

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