The Online Casino Scam and How to Avoid This

Online Casino Scam

While it is not a regular occurrence for online casinos to be scams, the internet is a perfect platform for less than scrupulous operators to take advantage of unaware customers. It is not as simple as just saying "give me your credit card, how much do you want to spend? Sorry you lose!"

To operate an online casino you have to have specific software with payment gates and all sorts of tools, but if the software is cheap, this means it is available to unscrupulous operators. It is for this reason that many casino portals have blacklists, to make sure un-suspecting players don’t gamble there.

The most important thing to remember is the better the reputation of the software and brand name using it, the safer your play will be. Personally I believe that if a customer has not been prepared to undertake their own investigation into a site before they play, and they are scammed, then they deserve to get their fingers burned. No-one should just hand over their credit card to anyone without checking with a few sources first.

Always use a reliable online casino portal for recommendations prior to playing. Remember that if you are not receiving your winnings, the chances are that affiliates will definitely not be being paid their commissions, so they will black-lists these sites.

One thing I picked up was that IGS casino software is a no-no to play, and there are many casino sites using this. When just any John Doe can pick up this software for next to nothing, you can be pretty certain you should steer clear of the site. Much like and insurance company has to be underwritten to provide cover for its members, so too does an online casino require funding. Non-payment issues are a big deal and this is considered to be a scam; learn from other people’s mistakes and make sure you know what you are doing before playing at any online casino! Gambling online should be fun and not fraught with concerns such as scams.

Reliable casinos have a lot of money backing them, they are regulated and licensed by a gambling authority, licence details can be checked with these authorities online. White listed sites in the UK will be very reliable as they have UK government approval to advertise in the country, even if the business is operated outside of the UK. Security certificates such as Verisign and Thwate should be displayed on the home page.

The games will be fair if they are audited and tested by independent concerns, and this costs big money. Scam sites cannot afford independent testing and ongoing audits. Payout reports should be available at the site as well as a back office function for each member to check their own records.

Check the software, but names such as Microgaming, Playtech, Virtue Fusion, Parlay, Brigend, Cassava, Dragonfish and Real Time Gaming are reliable. There are also other reliable software providers, but check them out to be on the safe side. In the end, the onus for your online gaming experience lays with the player.

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