Online Fruit Machines: also Called Video Slots and Keeping Up With Trends

Online Fruit Machines

"Online fruit machines" is kind of a generalization of online video slots. In the UK and other colonies of the UK, slots have been fruities, pub fruities, fruit machines and one armed bandits. Now when we think of fruit machines we think of any three reel, one pay line game with oranges, lemons, watermelons, bars and of course cherries, but we also think of sophisticated video slots games with five reels, stacking features, wilds and scatter icons, free spins, skill based bonus rounds, animated icons, music, movie clips, fifty pay lines, and not a single piece of fruit in sight. "Online Fruit Machines" is merely a colloquial label for any slots game!

The fruit machines are the centre of attraction at any online casino; as they take centre stage more new games in this genre are launched every month and players just cannot get enough. Check out any UK online bingo site and you will see that the biggest winners are the fruit machine players. Check out any UK-centric casino - off the top of my head - 32Red online casino, why not it rhymes? See who the biggest winners are and what's in the "News" at this site.

First in the news is the fact that they have once again been nominated and shortlisted for the "the Best Online Casino" of the year award; or something in that vein, and that someone playing "Hitman" which is a slot game, took one spin at 1am in the morning and won £17 390!! But wait a bit, this player joined the site 26 days ago and in the time he has been online, this Basingstoke player has won a total of £32 000. They don't say how much he has spent however.

Just as an example, every third or four winner at virtually every good casinos winners page, this writer has ever visited, has been a blackjack or roulette player. On average, the slots winners are three times as many, and pull in multiples of ten times and more in the thousands, over blackjack and roulette players. This is what keeps online fruit machines the centre of attraction, the ability to win relatively good prize money with relatively small wagers. Although some of the wagers on the modern video slots machines are really high, and the games are unbelievable.

When Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds came out from Microgaming, I was stunned, but when Lord of the Rings came out I just didn't think it could get any better. I happen to have the hots for Djimon Hounsou – he is the sizzling hot black guy in Constantine, Blood Diamond and Gladiator. So when Playtech released their version of a slot themed on Gladiator, I was off like a shot to try this game out. Popular trends and tastes are vital to the popularity of any particular slots (*fruit machine) game. But you see, no matter how trendy and popular fruities are, the new video slots games are so much hotter, and with very good reason too. Would you rather play with Djimon Hounsou, or a watermelon and an orange with the occasional cherry thrown in for good measure?

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